Adjusting Your Education Plan to the 2021 ADRHA

Consistent with the 2021 Code, the ADRHA requires all National Federations to conduct anti-doping Education in coordination with their National/Regional Anti-Doping Organisations (NADO/RADO).
This reflects the principles which form the basis of the new International Standard for Education (ISE):

  • An athlete’s first experience with anti-doping should be with education rather than a sample collection.
  • Any international-level athlete should receive education before leaving their country.
  • All athletes begin sport competing clean and the majority wish to remain clean throughout their careers, programs should be supportive of this goal.
  • Education programs need to be tailored for the local cultural and sporting contexts in which they are situated. This should be reflected in the requirements of the ISE.
  • Education is a collaborative activity, cooperation between Signatories should be encouraged through the ISE.
  • Meeting the requirements of the ISE should be achievable for every Signatory, regardless of resources and capacity.

In order to develop an ADRHA compliant education programme, National Federations should follow these steps before the end of 2020:

  • Make an appointment with the applicable NADO/RADO
  • Identify an education strategy (WADA’s Education Plan template is a useful tool which can be found in the Resources Library)
  • Identify which educational material will be used. If the NADO/RADO does not have its own, WADA’s platform ADeL offers offers a wide range of resources including a Parent’s Guide and e-learning for athletes (“ALPHA”), coaches, medical professionals and sport administrators, in a variety of languages (13 for ALPHA). The FEI also offers a course tailored to the equestrian world on the FEI Campus platform.
  • Inform the FEI of the strategy decided with the NADO
  • Reach out to the FEI if help is needed

Please get started now!