27 Jan 2021
Margaret Sleeper (USA) appointed Endurance Athlete Representative

Dr Margaret (Meg) Sleeper (USA) has been appointed as the Endurance Athlete Representative to replace Tarek Taher (KSA). Dr Sleeper will be a member of both the Athletes and Endurance Committees until the next elections in 2022. She will also take on the role of Athlete Representative on the Endurance Calendar Task Force.
Following the resignation of Tarek Taher in September 2020, the FEI Board agreed to wait until the election of the new Endurance Chair at the FEI General Assembly 2020 prior to reviewing the ad-interim appointment of the Endurance Athlete Representative.
Subsequently, at its 19 January 2021 online meeting, and due to the lack of a replacement mechanism for Athletes Representatives in the FEI Rules & Regulations, the FEI Board appointed Dr Sleeper, the Candidate that received the second highest number of votes in the 2018 elections for the Endurance Athlete Representative.