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FEI Coach Education Programme Supporting Documents

aInformative and pre-course documents
 10 Steps for the organization of a coaching course
 FEI Coach Education System Principles
 MEMO FEI Coach Education System Review 2017 - NEW
 Organization & Financing Specifications - updated 30.10.2015
 Course Application Form: 2016 - 2017


bCourses documents
 IntroSyllabus Introduction to Coaching
  Timetable Introduction to Coaching
 Level 1Olympic Disciplines
  Syllabus Level 1
  Timetable Level 1
  Log book Level 1 - English
  Log book Level 1 - Spanish
  Log book Level 1 - French
  Log book Level 1 - Russian
  Syllabus Level 1
  Timetable Level 1
  Log book Level 1 - English
  Log book Level 1 - Spanish
  Syllabus Level 1
  Timetable Level 1
 Level 2Olympic Disciplines
  Selection Process for Attendance at Level 2
  Syllabus Level 2
  Timetable Level 2 - without Eventing Module
  Timetable Level 2 - WITH Eventing Module
  Log book Level 2 - English
  Log book Level 2 - Spanish
  Log book Level 2 - Russian
 Level 3Discipline Specific
  Selection Process for Attendance at Level 3
  Syllabus Level 3 Jumping
  Syllabus Level 3 Dressage
  Syllabus Level 3 Eventing
  Timetable Level 3
cOlympic Solidarity
 Please note that it is possible to apply for financial assistance to cover the organisationnal costs of the courses for coaches via the Olympic Solidarity Wold Programme for coaches. For more information on all OS programmes, please refer to our Olympic Solidarity Page. This apply for Olympic Equestrian Disciplines only.



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