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DRIVING - Dressage Test

EventCategoryTestFormer Test
CAICh                                           Pony Singles                             Test Ch P1                             Former Test 1      
Juniors, Young Drivers
EventCategoryTestFormer Test
CAIYJ                                                   Pony & Horse Singles, Pony Pairs    Test J and YD                               Former Test 4A         
EventCategoryTestFormer Test
CAI1*All Horse/Pony ClassesTest 1*A
Test 1*B
New Test
Former Test 1
CAI2*All Horse/Pony ClassesTest 2*A
Test 2*B
Test 2*C
New Test
Former Test 11
Former Test 6A
(Test 3* can be driven in CAI2*)
Horse & Pony Singles

Test 3*A HP1

Test 3*B HP1
Diagram part 1
Diagram part 2
Diagonal Yield description 

Test 3*C HP1

New Test (short)

New Test


Former Test 9

Horse & Pony PairsTest 3*A HP2
Test 3*B HP2
Test 3*C HP2
New Test (short)
Former Test 11
Former Test 8B
Horse & Pony Four-in-HandTest 3*A HP4
Test 3*B HP4
New Test (short)
Former Test 11
Horse Four-in-HandTest 3*C H4Former Test 8A
Pony Four-in-HandTest 3*D P4Former Test 8C
Para-Equestrian Driving
CPEAI                                      All Horse & Pony Classes     Test PE A                           Former Test 4   
FEI World Driving Championships for Young Horses 
CH-M-A YH                                       Single Horse                                        

Test YH

Scoring sheet                            

New test

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