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FEI Vaulting

A form of athletic artistry, Vaulting is a youthful celebration of gymnastics on horseback that demands acrobatic skill and precision, combined with grace and creativity. The result is pure theatre: exciting, entertaining and alive.

2018 FEI Vaulting facts and figures


(+126% since 2009)


(+77% since 2009)


International events
(+529% since 2007)


Countries hosted international events

Top 3 NFs with events in Vaulting:




Greatest increase since 2017: USA with +6 events.

Top 3 NFs with registered athletes in Vaulting:




Greatest increase since 2017: Sweden with +37 athletes.

Top 3 NFs with registered horses in Vaulting:




Greatest increase since 2017: Sweden with +7 horses

Major events in 2018

Fantastic performances in 2018 confirmed the strength of the German vaulters as they picked up all the gold available at the FEI Vaulting World Cup™ Final and team, squad and individual male titles at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon (USA).

FEI Vaulting World Cup™ Final, Dortmund (GER)

The home crowd in Dortmund (GER) were delighted as the national anthem rang out three times at the FEI Vaulting World Cup™ Final as the German contingent produced a clean sweep of victories.

In the individual female category, the Büttiker-Boe rivalry, which has seen the two go back and forth at the top of the leaderboard throughout the season, continued to captivate fans. Drawing on her wealth of competition experience and her amazing ability to rise to the occasion under extreme pressure, Kristina Boe (GER) had to give her all when Nadja Büttiker (SUI) took the lead in the first round.

However, by delivering two outstanding rounds of her Rey from Star Wars freestyle, Kristina Boe was able to secure her first FEI World Cup™ title ahead of Büttiker. Third place went to Germany’s Corinna Knauf, who boasted an impressive qualifying season that saw her win in Mechelen (BEL).

Germany’s Theresa-Sophie Bresch and Torben Jacobs clearly dominated the Pas de Deux and the series came to an electrifying conclusion as Jannis Drewell (GER) fought off tough competition to be crowned male champion for a second consecutive year.








Sets of medals


Individual female athletes


Individual male athletes


Pas De Deux combinations

Individual Female Podium:

Nadja Büttiker (SUI), Monika Winkler-Bischofberger (lunger) and Keep Cool

Kristina Boe (GER), Winnie Schlüter (lunger) and Don de la Mar

Corinna Knauf (GER), Alexandra Knauf (lunger) and Fabiola W

Individual Male Podium:

Clement Taillez (FRA), Cedric Cottin Holzberger (lunger) and Dyronn

Jannis Drewell (GER), Gesa Bührig (lunger) and Claus 51

Jannik Heiland (GER), Winnie Schlüter (lunger) and Highlander 82

Pas-de-deux Podium:

Syra Schmid & Zoe Mauriccio (SUI) Michael Heuer (lunger) and Latino V. Forst CH

Theresa-Sophie Bresh & Torben Jacobs (GER) Alexandra Knauf (lunger) and Holiday on Ice E

Céline Hofstetter & Marina Mohar (SUI) Rita Blieske (lunger) and Saturnus

FEI World Equestrian Games™, Tryon (USA)

For the first time in the history of the FEI World Equestrian Games™, team medals were awarded. This was done by adding the individual results and the Squad results to determine the three best nations. Adding a new dimension to the Games, the competition provided the perfect showcase of the evolution and expansion of FEI Vaulting worldwide.

Nine nations were in the running for this first Team competition, and it was Germany who went down in the history books as the first recipients of the title. The team, made up of individuals Kristina Boe and Jannik Heiland and the German Squad (Team Norka des VV Koeln-Dunnewald) posted breath-taking scores to take top honours. The intricate, dynamic transitions presented by the Swiss were good enough for silver with the Austrians in third.

The Pas De Deux category was hotly contested. Austria’s Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha vaulted their way to silver, ahead of Johannes Kay and Janika Derks of Germany in bronze. The real stars, however, alongside their noble steed Rosentolz 99 and lunger Laura Carnabuci, were Lorenzo Lupacchini and Silvia Stopazzini, the first Italian vaulters to win gold at the FEI World Equestrian Games™!

In a breathtaking individual final, German female star Kristina Boe achieved the hat trick, adding the World title to her European and FEI Vaulting World Cup™ titles. Compatriot Janika Derks took silver and Lisa Wild from Austria secured the bronze. In a league of his own, Frenchman Lambert Leclezio and former FEI Solidarity scholarship recipient, dominated the individual male division. With faultless execution and artistic flair, he claimed gold for the second time in a row at the Games ahead of German vaulters Jannik Heiland and Thomas Brüsewitz.

The squad championship was a close call, with only 0.001 separating overnight leaders, Team Germany and Team Switzerland. The German squad proved unbeatable in the end, adding another gold to their haul, leaving Switzerland in silver and the bronze for the Austrians.


Individual Female Athletes


Individual Male Athletes




Pas De Deux



Individual Female Podium:

Janika Derks (GER), Jessica Lichtenberg (lunger) and Carousso Hit

Kristina Boe (GER), Winnie Schlüter (lunger) and Don de la Mar

Lisa Wild (AUT), Maria Lehrmann (lunger) and Fairytale 6

Individual Male Podium:

Jannik Heiland (GER), Barbara Rosiny (lunger) and Dark Beluga

Lambert Leclezio (FRA), Francois Athimon (lunger) and Poivre Vert

Thomas Brüsewitz (GER), Patrik Looser (lunger) and Danny Boy Old

Squad Podium:




Pas De Deux Podium:

Jasmine Lidner & Lukas Wacha (AUT), Klaus Haidacher (lunger) and Dr. Doolittle 5

Lorenzo Lupacchini & Silvia Stropazzini (ITA), Laura Carnabuci (lunger) and Rosenstolz 99

Janika Derks & Johannes Kay (GER), Barbara Rosiny (lunger) and Dark Beluga

Team Podium:




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