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FEI Awards 2018

Vicit venientes – They came and conquered

Manama (BRN) was the host city for the 10th edition of the FEI Awards Gala presented by Longines, where the equestrian heroes of 2018 were announced and celebrated. Once again, the fans had their say, with around 100,000 public votes amassed on added to the votes of the FEI Awards 2018 panel of judges.

Masters of Ceremony for the night were the dynamic Para Dressage and Dressage athletes Natasha Baker (GBR) and Juan Matute Guimon (ESP). With grace and humour, they revealed the FEI Awards winners to the 250 guests representing the global equestrian industry gathered in Bahrain for the FEI General Assembly 2018.

FEI Awards celebrate their 10th Anniversary






Shortlisted Candidates




Glamorous Awards ceremony

The FEI Awards 2018 winners are…

FEI Best Athlete:

Simone Blum (GER)

The FEI World Equestrian Games™ in Tryon (USA) were a big goal, set a long time ago by Simone Blum and her entourage, and they could not have wished for a better outcome! Riding her wonderful protégé DSP Alice and with the bronze team medal already around her neck, Simone Blum became the first woman in the history of the FEI World Equestrian Games™ to win the individual Jumping title, starting her four-year term as FEI World Champion.

Becoming World Champion with my best friend is a dream come true, it was the perfect day in our life, and it’s just amazing.

Longines Rising Star:

Victor Levecque (FRA)

Nicknamed “La machine”, at just 20 years of age, Victor Levecque already has 10 European medals to his name, including team and individual gold at the FEI Eventing European Championships in Fontainebleau (FRA), and individual bronze and team silver medals in the FEI Eventing European Championships for Ponies in 2013.

Best Groom:

Lee McKeever (IRL)

Loyalty, passion and humility are qualities that come to mind when speaking of Lee McKeever. For 30 years, Lee McKeever has been a part of the Ward family, growing up alongside McLain while working for his father, and then moving on to work for McLain, who he thinks of as a brother. The unique bond they share, combined with their love for equestrian sport, has led to numerous successes including team gold for USA at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2018 in Tryon (USA) as well the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ title in 2017.

Against All Odds:

Leila Malki (PLE)

Leila Malki is a young teenager whose passion for horses and equestrian sport is continuously challenged by her environment. Growing up in Palestine, Leila travels up to eight hours each weekend, passing several checkpoints, to ride her horse which is stabled in Jordan, where she has access to suitable training facilities. With the full support of her family, Leila can travel to compete and continues to confront taboos by encouraging girls and women to take part in equestrian sport and pursue their dreams.

Winning the FEI Award was something different. Not only for me, for all of my country, for the Middle-East, for all women out there who are watching me and listening to me. I think it’s a big motivation for them. I am proving them that you can face your challenges and do a lot of things in your life.

FEI Solidarity:

The Horsemanship Movement (CHN)

Founded by Eventing Athlete Alex Hua Tian (CHN) and Philip Wong (CHN), the development programme aims to promote and encourage the core values of equestrianism and horsemanship with children from all walks of life, teaching them how to handle horses with love and respect, both in theory and in practice. The Horsemanship Movement has already reached out to over 200 migrant children, showing them the positive aspects of having horses in their life.

Who decides the winners? 

Following a comprehensive nomination phase with all the FEI’s stakeholders – National Federations, Athletes, FEI Board and Committee members, Officials, and related associations – the FEI shortlists four candidates for each of the five categories. The shortlisted candidates are then presented to the public for an online vote worth 50% and to an exclusive panel of judges, also worth 50%, to determine the winners.

The 2018 panel of judges


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