Thank you

2015 was all about stakeholder consultation and dialogue and ultimately very important for the future of equestrian sport. There's no denying it's a team effort, so… To our 134 National Federations, Organisers, Athletes, Officials and Volunteers around the world, we are grateful for your time, dedication and expertise.

To our committed sponsors and partners – thank you for your support and passion for the sport.


And lastly, to the FEI Bureau and Committees - thank you for your drive and commitment to making equestrian sport the best it can be.

FEI Bureau

  • Ingmar De Vos President
  • John Madden 1st Vice-President & Chair Jumping Committee
  • Hh Sheik Khalid Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa 2nd Vice-President & Chair Group VII
  • Armagan Özgörkey Chair Group I
  • Hanfried Haring Chair Group II
  • Sadyr Mamytov Chair Group III
  • Mark Samuel Group Group IV
  • Carmen Barrera Chair Group V
  • Luiz Roberto Giugni Chair Group VI
  • Nai Yue Ho Chair Group VIII
  • Mary K. B. Binks Chair Group IX
  • Frank Kemperman Chair Dressage Committee
  • Giuseppe Della Chiesa Chair Eventing Committee
  • Karoly Fugli Chair Driving Committee
  • Brian Sheahan Chair Endurance Committee
  • Maria Gretzer Chair Athlete Committee
  • Brian Mangan Chair Audit & Compliance Committee
  • John C. McEwen Chair Veterinary Committee

Thank you Sergey Buikevich - who has now been replaced by Sadyr Mamytov.

FEI Tribunal

  • Erik Elstad Chair
  • Henrik Arle Deputy Chair
  • Ludovic De Villele Member
  • Christopher John Hodson Member
  • Armand Leone Member
  • Jane Mulcahy Member
  • Laurent Niddam Member
  • Erika Riedl Tribunal Clerk

Thank you to our outgoing members - Pierre Ketterer, Randi Haukebo and Vladan Jevtic.

Audit & compliance

  • Brian MANGAN Chair
  • Jack C. HUANG Member
  • Janice SHARDLOW Member


  • Andrew Finding Chair & Group II
  • Dorottya Strobl Group I
  • Alesia Machulskaya Group III
  • Betty Wates Group IV
  • César A. Hirsch Diz Group V
  • César Lopardo-Grana Group VI
  • Badre Fakir Group VII
  • Melanie Chew Group VIII
  • Zara Nicolle Group IX

We thank Bahruz Nabiyev who has been replaced by Alesia Machulskaya.


  • Maria Gretzer Chair
  • Anna Paprocka Campanella Dressage
  • Rodrigo Pessoa Jumping
  • Daisy Berkeley Eventing
  • Bartlomiej Kwiatek Driving
  • Valerie Kanavy Endurance
  • Lukas Klouda Vaulting
  • Laurentia Tan Para-Equestrian

FEI Solidarity

  • Ingmar De Vos Chair & Group I
  • Theo Ploegmakers Group II
  • Alexandru Tuceac Group III
  • Jean Patrick Chemaly Group IV
  • Rosana M. Roig Group V
  • Fatima Morales Aguereo Group VI
  • HRH Princess Haya Al Hussein Group VII
  • Mikaela Cojuangco Jaworski Group VIII
  • Hugues Rene Group IX

We thank Mr Jukka-Pekka Leskinen who is replaced by Mr Theo Ploegmakers.

We thank Mr Ibrahima Wade who is replaced by Mr Hugues Rene.


  • Dr John C. Mcewen Chair
  • Dr Kent Allen Deputy Chair
  • Dr Siraya Chunekamrai Member
  • Dr William Dwight Hooten Member
  • Dr Colin Roberts Member
  • Dr Jan-Hein Swagemakers Member
  • Dr Thomas Wolff Member

We thank Dr Philippe Benoit and Dr Sergio Salinas Navarrette, outgoing members.

We welcome Dr Jan-Hein Swagemakers and Dr Thomas Wolff.


  • Frank Kemperman Chair
  • Maribel Alonso De Quinzanos Deputy Chair
  • Luis Lucio Member
  • Hans-Christian Matthiesen Member
  • Anna Paprocka Campanella Member
  • Klaus Roeser Member

We thank Thomas Baur, outgoing member.

We welcome Klaus Roeser.


  • John Madden Chair
  • Stephan Ellenbruch Deputy Chair
  • Kamal Bahamdan Member
  • Peter Bollen Member
  • Rob Ehrens Member
  • Rodrigo Pessoa Member

We thank Marco Fusté, outgoing member.

We welcome Rob Ehrens.


  • Giuseppe Della Chiesa Chair
  • Daisy Berkeley Member
  • Marcin Konarski Deputy Chair
  • Patricia Clifton Member
  • Marylin Payne Member
  • Rüdiger Schwarz Member

We thank Gillian Rolton, outgoing member.

We welcome Ms Marilyn Payne.


  • Károly Fugli Chair
  • Klaus Christ Deputy Chair
  • Bartlomiej Kwiatek Member
  • Joaquin Medina Member
  • Anne-Marie Turbé Member
  • Mark Wentein Member

We thank Edward B. Young, outgoing member.

We welcome Anne-Marie Turbé.


  • Brian Sheahan Chair
  • Khalid Ahmed Hasan Deputy Chair
  • Ignasi Casas Vaque Member
  • Rocio Echeverri Member
  • Shanie Bosch-Fourie Member
  • Valerie Kanavy Member

We thank John Robertson and Brian Dunn, outgoing members.

We welcome Rocio Echeverri and Ignasi Casas.


  • John Eccles Chair
  • Doris Knotter Deputy Chair
  • Davy Delaire Member
  • Suzanne Detol Member
  • Lukas Klouda Member
  • Kai Vorberg Member

We thank Emma Seely and Ulla Ramge, outgoing Chair and Member.

We welcome John Eccles, Chair, Suzanne Detol and Kai Vorberg.


  • Robert Norman Thompson Chair
  • Pete Kyle Deputy Chair
  • Sue Baeck Member
  • Sven Friesecke Member
  • Pierre Ouellet Member

We thank Dr Raymond Grether, outgoing member.

We welcome Sven Friesecke.


  • Ulf Wilken Chair
  • Amanda Bond Deputy Chair
  • Sue Cunningham Member
  • Hope Hand Member
  • Marco Orsini Member
  • Laurentia Tan Member

We thank Joop Stokkel, outgoing member.

We welcome Hope Hand.


  • Dr Peter Whitehead Chair
  • Dr Jan Holger Holtschmit Member
  • Dr Antonia Lehane Member
  • Dr Allen Kent Sills Member

We thank Franz Kasin, outgoing member.

We welcome Jan Holger Holtschmit.