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Eventing Risk Management Summit Course Designers/ TDs / Judges/ National Safety Officers Tattersalls (IRL), 10-12 February 2017

FEI EVENTING RISK MANAGEMENT SUMMIT Course Designers / TDs / Judges / National Safety Officers,
Tattersalls (IRL), 10-12 February 2017
FEI Eventing Risk Management Summit Report, Tattersalls (IRL), 10-12 Feburary 2017
FEI Eventing Risk Management Summit, Tattersalls (IRL) - REPORT10 April 2017
Participants List (Annex I)10 April 2017
The overview and worldwide view (R. Stevenson) - (Annex II)10 April 2017
Cross Country fence parameters and trajectories (R. Ramsden) - (Annex III)10 April 2017
Countries projects in Course Design and Fence Construction: 
SwedenMim Frangible device (Anders Flogard) - (Annex IV )
              Ground Line (Lars Christensson) (Annex V)
10 April 2017
Germany: Development of new frangible devices and fences judge app – Philine Ganders, Christian Zehe and Gerd Haiber (Annex VI)10 April 2017
USA2017 Change of rules and studies on rotational falls (Rob Burke) - (Annex VIII)10 April 2017
Coaches and perspective on Cross Country riding and philosophy (Chris Bartle) -
(Annex IX Part I and Part II)
10 April 2017
Course Design Theory and Trends (M. Etherington Smith & M. Phillips) - (Annex X)10 April 2017



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