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The Bureau is responsible for the general direction of the FEI and for all relevant matters not consigned to the General Assembly.

The Bureau is composed of :

  • The President of the FEI;
  • The 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents;
  • The Chair of Audit & Compliance Committee (without a vote);
  • The Chair of Athletes' Committee;
  • The Chairs of the Technical Committees for:
  • Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Driving, Endurance and Veterinary matters (Technical Chairs); and
  • The Chairs of the Regional Groups (which are established for promoting and coordinating the development and the activities with the Group area)

As of 21 November 2017, the FEI Bureau is composed of

Ingmar DE VOS (BEL) ♦President    2014-2018
Sheik Khalid BIN ABDULLA AL KHALIFA (BRN) ♦1st Vice-PresidentChair Group VII2006-2019
Mr Mark SAMUEL (CAN) ♦2nd Vice-PresidentChair Group IV2012-2020
Mrs Carmen BARRERA (ESA)MemberChair Group V2011-2021
Mrs Mary K. BINKS (KEN)MemberChair Group IX2008-2020
Mr Stephan ELLENBRUCH (GER)MemberChair Jumping Committee2017-2021
Mr Karoly FUGLI (HUN)Member  Chair Driving Committee2011-2019
Mr Luiz Roberto GIUGNI (BRA) ♦MemberChair Group VI2011-2018
Ms Maria GRETZER (SWE) ♦MemberChair Athletes' Committee2013-2018
Dr Hanfried HARING (GER)MemberChair Group II2006-2018
Mr Jack C. HUANG (TPE)MemberChair Group VIII2016-2020
Mr Frank KEMPERMAN (NED) ♦MemberChair Dressage Committee2009-2021
Mr Sadyr MAMYTOV (KGZ)Member  Chair Group III2015-2019
Mr Brian MANGAN (IRL)MemberChair of Audit & Compliance2009-2020
Mr John C. MCEWEN MBE (GBR)MemberChair Veterinary Committee2006-2018
Mr David O'Connor (USA)MemberChair Eventing Committee2017-2021
Mr Armagan ÖZGÖRKEY (TUR)MemberChair Group I2012-2021
Mr Brian SHEAHAN (AUS) Member Chair Endurance Committee2012-2020


The Executive Board (♦) is composed of:

  • The President;
  • The 1st Vice President;
  • The 2nd Vice President;
  • One Bureau member from and representing Groups I, II or IV, nominated by the President and elected by the Bureau every two years;
  • One Bureau member from and representing Groups III, V, VI, VII, VIII, or IX, nominated by the President and elected by the Bureau every two years;
  • The Chair of the Athletes' Committee; and
  • The Secretary General, without a vote.

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