Meeting of Group IX

15 March 2007
15 March 2007 Author: webmaster
Johannesburg (RSA), 9-10 March 
On 9-10 March, Group IX met in Johannesburg (RSA). The meeting is summeraozed below.

RSA Tent Pegging Association
RSA Endurance Association
Barbie Gertenbach, Vaulting coach
Dr Harald Müller, FEI Executive Sports & Development Director
Jacqueline Braissant, FEI Development Director

The Development Director attending the Group IX meeting in Johannesburg. The strategic matters were presented by the FEI Executive Sports & Development Director and very well received. Among other topics, NFs were informed that they will be asked for their input in the design of the future FEI Development Plan. They were also informed that the FEI would review the education’s systems of officials and would produce templates for education on national level in the six categories of Officials.

The second day was dedicated to various development matters:
Registration of Horses & Riders: The RSA NF is very satisfied as the system works very well and has helped them tremendously in the registration of their own horses/riders.

The Eventing Development Programme proposed by the FEI should start in South Africa as soon as a proposal will be submitted by Andy Griffiths and approved by the Development Department. The other Group IX NFs would like to be associated as well and the idea of an Eventing Challenge at a level below one Star* was acknowledged with enthusiasm.

Jumping Challenge: In order to save costs, it was proposed to appoint a Foreign Judge only for one category and reduce the size of the arena from 90 x 45 to 80 x 45 m.

Competitions on borrowed horses: because of African horse sickness and long distances, etc, it was proposed to review the system of competition on borrowed horses and ask NFs which invite riders to ensure that they are able to provide horses against minimal rental/lease fees.

All Africa Games: African NFs have received invitations to attend the All Africa Games on 10-22 July in Algeria. At the moment, only RSA has planned to attend but will have to lease horses in Portugal. It seems that the organization of these Games is very uncertain and the FEI was asked to look at this matter.

FEI courses
An FEI regional Vet course has been scheduled in November in Johannesburg.
A Level 1 courses for coaches will be organized in SWZ and two in RSA in June while a Level 2 is scheduled in November.

FEI Coaching System
All NFs are extremely thankful to the FEI for this development programme.

Endurance Association of South Africa
This discipline is exploding and RSA riders are participating in international Juniors and Seniors competitions.

Mrs Barbie Gertenbach informed on the evolution of Vaulting in South Africa, Malawi and Swaziland and the creation of an Africa Cup-type event. She invited all NFs interested to join attend this event. This sport is affordable for developing countries and attracts kids to the sport. In addition, it is relatively easy for a developing NF to compete at an International level and win medals.

FEI Jumping Africa Cup
SWZ will organize this competition in August instead of April.

RSA Tent Pegging Association was invited to attend the meeting and asked the FEI how they could get better exposure and recognition within the FEI.

The meeting was held in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. Lots of projects were discussed and knowledges were exchanged.