FEI World Cup Jumping, West Coast US League  

1 Dec 2004

Excitement Builds as 2004 FEI World Cup Qualifiers Come to a Close for West Coast League Riders; Spooner, Gatlin and Salick in Close Contention for World Cup Slots. 

As the 2004 season comes to a close, West Coast League riders step out of their saddles for a moment to reflect on five rounds of World Cup qualifiers that have determined their standings at the halfway mark. Separated by only a few points, Richard Spooner, Joie Gatlin and Gabriella Salick maintain an incredibly close race for the three World Cup slots afforded to the League. A tenth place finish atop Hilton Flight (Bay Irish Sport Horse gelding; Errigal FlightOccasion VII; Freedom Farms, Inc.) at the $40,000 Los Angeles National Grand Prix on November 20 was all it took to boost Spooner into the leading spot among these top-notch show jumpers, adding six points for a total of 54 World Cup qualifying points.

The previous leader, Joie Gatlin, retains a second place spot in the West Coast League, with 53 points. Riding Sun Cals King (Bay Holsteiner gelding; Lavall IZestermuende; Canyon Capital, Inc.) Gatlin retains a top three placing thanks to impeccable rides in the previous four qualifiers. The pair competed in the Los Angeles National Grand Prix, but did not add any additional points to their World Cup standing.

Holding on to third place in the West Coast League is Gabriella Salick. Riding Sandstone Laurin (Grey Holsteiner stallion; Laurin DeZarah De; Sandstone), Salick adds six points to her standing, for a new total of 50 World Cup qualifying points.

These standings will remain unchanged for the duration of 2004, as the World Cup qualifiers go into a short recess for the winter months. More than halfway through the circuit, only four qualifiers remain for the West Coast, starting with the Desert Circuit II on February 2. Points amassed at these final four qualifiers will help to determine the three West Coast Riders who will be invited to compete in the 2005 FEI World Cup Finals in Las Vegas, April 20-24.

Top Finishers at the $40,000 Los Angeles National Grand Prix
With World Cup Qualifying Points
FEI Table A, Article 238.1.2
*World Cup Rider

Rider, Country, Horse, Faults, Time (if applicable), World Cup Qualifying Points (if applicable)

1. Hap Hansen, USA, ABC Lanzelot, 0-0 faults, 37.21 seconds
2. *Misti Cassar, USA, Pasadena, 0-0 faults, 38.01 seconds, 20 points
3. *Molly Talla, USA, Camaron Hills Shanroe, 0-0 faults, 38.55 seconds, 17 points
4. *Nicole Simpson, USA, El Campeons So Long, 0-0 faults, 38.93 seconds, 15 points
5. *Mandy Goosen, GBR, Contendor, 0-4 faults, 38.68 seconds, 13 points
6. *Mandy Porter, USA, Summer, 0-4 faults, 39.22 seconds, 12 points
7. *John French, USA, Riva 49, 0-4 faults, 42.36 seconds, 11 points
8. *Michael Endicott, USA, Surrey, 1 fault, 10 points
*Paul Rohrbach, USA, Camilla Z, 1 fault, 10 points
10. *Richard Spooner, USA, Hilton Flight, 4 faults, 6 points
*Rich Fellers, USA, McGuinness, 4 faults, 6 points
*Hap Hansen, USA, His Horse, 4 faults, 6 points
Richard Spooner , USA, Bradford, 4 faults
*Gabriella Salick, USA, Sandstone Laurin, 4 faults, 6 points
*Mark Watring, PUR, Sapphire, 4 faults, 6 points

16. *Jenni Martin, USA, Adagio Gen Dif, 5 faults, 3 points
Paul Rohrbach, USA, Shiraz, 5 faults
*Ali Nilforushan, IRN, Cellist, 5 faults, 3 points
Duncan McFarlane, NZL, Gytani, 5 faults
20. *Joie Gatlin, USA, Sun Cals King, 8 faults, 0 points
Joie Gatlin, USA, Plutus.com Delivers, 8 faults
*Lane Clark, AUS, Moonlight, 8 faults, 0 points
*Cathleen Calvert, CAN, Friponnier II CH, 8 faults, 0 points
24. *Heather Olson, USA, Cartoon 7, 10 faults, 0 points
25. *Erin Duffy, USA, Kir Royal, 12 faults, 0 points
*Duncan McFarlane, NZL, Eezy, 12 faults, 0 points
27. *Ashlee Bond, USA, Fabius 45, 25 faults, 0 points
28. Misti Cassar, USA, Olita, Retired

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