FEI World Cup Jumping: Final situation in all Leagues

12 Apr 2004
12 Apr 2004 Author: webmaster
The 12 Regional Leagues have ended their qualifications for the World Cup Final 
All 12 Leagues of the 2003 / 2004 season of the FEI World Cup Jumping have ended their qualifications :
- Western Europe, USA East Coast, Central Europe, USA West Coast, Canada, South America, South Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Western European League (18 qualified)

Fourteen competitions were held in the Western European League in this 2003 / 2004 season. 152 riders competed in at least one World Cup competition - 94 received points. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum won the league, ahead of Rodrigo Pessoa and Otto Becker. Meredith won 1 of the 14 competitions and finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th once.

1 Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum-GER-Shutterfly, Check Mata
2 Ludo Philippaerts-BEL-Goliath, Parco, Kira III
3 Otto Becker-GER-Dobel's Cento, Grandilot, Dobel's Fiala, Lando 126
4 Rolf-Gran Bengtsson-SWE-Jamiro, Mac Kinley
5 Marco Kutscher-GER-Controe, Montender Z, Woutland's Pomery
6 Malin Baryard-SWE-H & M Butterfly Flip, Royal Son Z, Nura 2
7 Jos Lansink-BEL-AK Zandor, Caridor, AK Cumano, AK Peanuts Z
8 Thomas Velin-DEN-Equest Carnute
9 Bruno Broucqsault-FRA-Dileme de Cephe, Hooligan de Rosyl
10 Helena Weinberg-GER-Casting Horses Gavi
11 Eric van der Vleuten-NED-Audi's Jikke
12 Toni Hassmann-GER-Camirez B, Meurer's le Patron
13 Michael Whitaker-GBR-Fleur 195, Portofino 193, Handel II
14 Christophe Barbeau-SUI-Qerly Chin
15 Wim Schroeder-NED-Eurocommerce Montreal, Eurocommerce Berlin
16 Hubert Bourdy-FRA-Eve des Etisses
17 Jeroen Dubbeldam-NED-De Sjem, Partytime, Nassau
18 Eugnie Angot-FRA-Cigale du Taillis
1st Reserve : Jean-Marc Nicolas-FRA-JPC Modesto
2nd Reserve : Lars Nieberg-GER-Fighting Alpha 3, Lucie 55, Loreana, Adlantus As FRH, Giorgio 66
3rd Reserve : Pia-Luise Aufrecht-GER-Hofgut Liedersbach's Ingmar, HL Abrisca
4th Reserve : Leopold van Asten-NED-VDL Group Escape, VDL Group Think Twice
5th Reserve : A. Pollmann-Schweckhorst -GER-Candy 195
6th Reserve : Franke Sloothak-GER-Sheila, Sundance K, Glenn 135
7th Reserve : Maria Gretzer-SWE-Cinderella
8th Reserve : Edouard Couperie-FRA-Pro Pilot II
9th Reserve : Ludger Beerbaum-GER-Gladys S, Goldfever

USA East Coast League (7 qualified)
Eleven competitions were held in the USA East Coast League. 68 riders competed, of which 51 obtained World Cup points. Molly Ashe won ahead of McLain Ward, last year's winner, Laura Linback third, Beezie Madden-Patten fourth and Margie Goldstein-Engle fifth.

Molly Ashe-USA-Resolute, Lutopia
McLain Ward-USA-Hurricane, Goldika 559, Sapphire, Quickstar II Z
Laura Linback-USA-Grand So So 2, Remember Me 9
Beezie Madden-Patton-USA-Innocence, Desilvio, Judgement, Silvio van de Zeept, Authentic
Margie Goldstein-Engle-USA-Hidden Creek's Jones, Hidden Creek's Perin
Chris Kappler-USA-Primeur 58, Royal Kaliber
Norman Dello Joio-USA-Quriel, Glasgow, Peace Train
1st reserve : Laura Kraut-USA-Allegiance, Quickstar II Z, Anthem, Liberty
2nd reserve : Todd Minikus-USA-Viktor, Gardenio
3rd reserve : Judy Garofalo-USA-Priobert de Kalvarie
4th reserve : Alison G. Fireston-USA-Casanova, Maike, Cantida
5th reserve : Leslie Howard-USA-Cocu, Eden Bauchetiere

Central European League (3 qualified)
186 riders from 23 countries competed in the 17 competitions of the Central European League. They came from all the Central European countries plus from Egypt, Syria and Jordanian, countries not belonging to a League. In addition there was a US-American living in Prague. The League closed with two Indoor competitions, Poznan and Warsaw, both Poland, where 150% of World Cup points could be earned. Gunnar Klettenberg (EST) won the League, ahead of Sencer Can (TUR) and Grzegorz Kubiak (POL).

- Gunnar Klettenberg-EST-Novesta, Palladium, Favoritas,
- Sencer Can-TUR-Inis Cara d'Amour, Kinando, Corlanda
- Grzegorz Kubiak -POL-RGB Landino, Carlon, Orkisz, Djane des Fontenis
1st Reserve : Ales Opatmy-CZE-Silvio, Crazy Love, Brand, Qufilio

USA West Coast League (3 qualified)
Nine competitions were held in the USA West Coast League. 57 riders competed, of which riders from several different countries without their own League. Richard Spooner, won the League for the second year in a row ahead of Nicole Shahinian-Simpson also second last year and John French who was fourth last year.

- Richard Spooner-USA-Bradford, Sunrise, Robinson, Hilton Flight
- Nicole Simpson-USA-El Campeon's Cirka Z, El Campeon's So Long, El Campeon's Petri
- John French-USA-Millenium
- 1st reserve : Will Simpson-USA-El Campeon's Ado Annie
- 2nd reserve : Susan Hutchison-USA-Itano de la Bastide, Pop Socks

Canadian League (2 qualified)
There were 6 competitions in the Canadian League where a total of 33 riders competed, including three Colombians, one Venezuelan, one American and one French rider living in Canada Ainsley Vince competed in Las Vegas' Final in 2003.

- Ainsley Vince-CAN-Catch 22, Kafka
- Ian Millar-CAN-Nicos, Promise Me, Aftershock
- Yann Candele has also qualified
as an extra rider from France-FRA-Sweet Dream, Espresso Thyme, Marco Taere
1st Reserve : Elliott Stone-CAN-Freestyle, Ancho de Pomme
2nd Reserve : John Pearce -CAN-Champagn, Air Jordan

South American League - Southern Part (2 qualified)
Six competitions were held in South America: four in Brazilian cities and two in two different sites in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires. 81 riders from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay and Chile competed. The League was won by Marcello Lemes de Souza with 53 points ahead of Lionel Collard-Bovy with 51 points and Ricardo Kierkegaard and Andr Americo de Miranda, each with 34 points.

- Marcelo Lemes de Souza -BRA-Wembley de Lagoa, MC Grafite II
- Lionel Collard-Bovy-ARG-AK Cordijana Z,
1st Reserve : Ricardo Kirkegaard-ARG-Pedro Z
2nd Reserve : Andr Americo de
Miranda -BRA-Chapman Rouge, Salamandra Limerick, Salamandra Chapman

South African League (1 qualified)
Five competitions were held in South Africa, with 25 riders - all South Africans - competing.

- Dominey Alexander -RSA-Larry de la Bryre Last Step
Reserve : Barry Taylor-RSA-Sunday's Eagle, Porsche SA Avalanche

Central Asian League (1 qualified)
There were four competitions in Central Asia: one in Bishkek (KGZ), 2 in Almaty (KAZ) and one Tashkent (UZB). 18 riders from these three countries competed.

- Alexander Tishkov-KAZ-Zapad
Reserve : Gairat Nazarov-UZB-Peikam

South East Asian League (1 qualified)
From 27 July to 02 November 2003 six World Cup competitions were held : four in Malaysia and two in Thailand.

- Qabil Ambak-MAS-Red Cloud, Opium Metodo
Reserve : Quzier Ambak-MAS-Calano

Japan League (1 qualified)
Six competitions were held in Japan in the 2003 / 2004 season, with 15 riders competing.

- Takamichi Mashiyama-JPN-Top Gear
Reserve : Seiji Ninomiya-JPN-Survival

Australian League (2 qualified)
Eighteen competitions including the League Final were held in Australia and 68 riders competed. Chris Chugg, who rode in the 1987 and 1991 World Cup Finals, won the League with 140 points, ahead of Tim Amitrano (129 points) and Andrew Inglis (122 points).

- Chris Chugg-AUS-Diamond B Ego, Navy Seal, Kayak van Het Gravenhof
- Tim Amitrano-AUS-Mr Innocent
Reserve : Andrew Inglis-AUS-Silver Braid, Tactics, Mr Burns

New Zealand League (1 qualified)
Ten competitions were held in New Zealand with 23 riders competing.

- Sally Steiner-NZL-Well Wisher
Reserve : Merran Hain-NZL-Tregonning

Title Holder
- Marcus Ehning-GER-Sandro Boy, For Pleasure, Anka 191

Extra riders from Western European League
- Rodrigo Pessoa-BRA-Baloubet du Rouet, Gandini Llanos
- Peter Wylde-USA-Lauriston, Fein Cera, Melvin

Wild Card
- Markus Fuchs-SUI-Tinka's Boy

Extra rider from Organizing NF
- Juan Carlos Garcia-ITA-Albin III