Claudia Romero Chacon (CRC) and Dorado (no 50)

28 Aug 2014
28 Aug 2014 Author: MGU

A horse and rider suffered a fall during the first loop of the Endurance competition at Sartilly (FRA) shortly after 08.30 today. Costa Rican rider Claudia Romero Chacon and Dorado (no 50) fell 400 metres before the first check point on the course. Tragically the horse was fatally injured in the fall. The rider was also injured in the fall, but was conscious when she was taken to hospital by ambulance. An update on her condition will be issued as soon as it is available.

The FEI has conducted an immediate investigation into the circumstances of this tragic incident and the investigation shows that the horse struck a tree at the side of the track in a forested area. The horse sustained a head injury and died instantly. There are no signs that the horse slipped prior to the impact.