Canada wins Opening Competition of the Samsug Nations Cup Competition in Wellington 

15 Mar 2004

Opening of the Samsung Nations Cup Season
Canada won won the $50,000 Samsung Nations' Cup, presented by CN, at the CSIO 4* of Wellington, FL.(USA).

Held for the first time at night under the lights to simulate the conditions the horses and riders will face at the 2004 Athens Olympics, the Canadians and the Americans were tied after the first round with each team incurring eight faults. Sitting in third place was France with 12 faults, and Mexico and Argentina were tied for fourth place, with 16 faults, heading into the second round. Ireland had a total of 34 faults.

As the lead-off rider in the first round, Eric Lamaze (CAN) was fault free until the final combination where he had first element down for four faults riding Tempete V/H Lindehof. Aboard her long-time partner, Catch 22, Ainsley Vince also had the first fence down at the last combination for four faults. Harold Chopping, and Kathleen carefully navigated the challenging course finishing as one of the only four clean first rounds. Ian Millar incurred six faults with Promise Me.

Starting round two for Canada, Vince lowered the height of fence five, a large yellow oxer, for four faults. Chopping aced the second round with another clean performance, putting the pressure on the American team who had already had two four fault second rounds. Veteran American rider, Norman Dello Joio, produced a clean ride aboard Glasgow, putting the pressure on Team Canada. Canadian Olympian, Ian Millar, responded with a perfect performance with Promise Me, ensuring the Canadian victory.

The Canadian Team won with a total of 12 faults over two rounds. The Americans finished in second place with 16 faults, and in third was Argentina with 24 faults. The teams from Mexico and France both finished with 28 faults each.

"We are developing a nice depth in our horse and rider combinations," noted chef d'equipe of the Canadian Team, Danny Foster. "Even beyond the Olympics, we will be heard from in the future. Canadian show jumping is on a roll and today's result was just the start."

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