FEI Official Veterinarians Information


FEI Official Veterinarians work as FEI representatives and are responsible for ensuring that horses’ health and welfare are maintained and that Veterinary standards and FEI Regulations (Veterinary, General & EADCM) are upheld throughout all aspects of FEI Events. The roles of Official Veterinarians includes protecting the helath and integrity of horses at FEI events, including identification at Passport Control, Veterinary Examinations, Horse Inspections, assessing the horses’ continual fitness to compete, authorising emergency treatments and anti-doping and limb sensitivity controls.


To be promoted as an Official FEI Veterinarian, veterinarians must be recommended by their National Federation (NF) for the specific discipline(s) and satisfy the qualification and education requirements of the FEI Veterinary Education System. The categories of FEI disciplines for which Veterinarians may wish to apply are as follows:

• Dressage & Para-Dressage
• Jumping
• Eventing
• Endurance * and **
• Driving
• Vaulting
• Reining

Please note that official listing within one discipline does not grant automatic promotion within other disciplines.
The requirements for FEI Official Veterinarians are summarised below; they must be licensed Veterinary practitioners in their NF country and have 5 years relevant post graduation experience, an understanding of English, submit a curriculum vitae to their NF, accept the conditions of the FEI Official Veterinarian Codex, have attended a FEI Veterinary Course within the past 2 years and complete the required qualification experience * and ***.


Veterinarians wishing to be promoted as FEI Veterinarian Officials (except for Endurance *) must complete the 'Official Veterinarian application form', ensuring all the criteria listed above are met, before submitting their application to their NF. The FEI Veterinary Department will finally approve all new applicants before promotion in the discipline(s) specified only. You may be able to download the application form here. The Veterinarian wishing to be promoted will have to send their National Federation together with the application form a copy of their course attendance certificate as well as three Assistant Veterinary Delegate Evaluation Forms, as proof of experience. 


To gain promotion in additional disciplines*, once listed as an FEI Official Veterinarian in another discipline, the Official must attend an Event in the new discipline under the mentoring/ supervision of another FEI Official Veterinarian and submit their application to their NF. The application form for additional disciplines can be downloaded here.


A list of current FEI Official Veterinarians will be available through the FEI webpage and should be consulted when selecting and appointed Official Veterinarians for Events.
For Promotion to 3* and 4* Endurance FEI Official Commission Veterinarians & 2*, 3* and 4* Endurance FEI Official Treatment Veterinarians,
Advanced Veterinary Courses for Endurance FEI Official Commission and Official Treatment Veterinarians will be managed by the Endurance Department, for further information please refer to the Endurance Officials webpage.

Should you wish to access your certificate and ID card at any time in order to re-print it, you will need to go on the FEI Database, login with your FEI ID number and password you have set up.


* 2* Endurance Official Commission Veterinarians candidates must apply through the FEI Official Veterinarian process, including attendance at an FEI Veterinary Course as managed by the Veterinary Department, from 1 January 2013. They must fulfil the experience requirements as specified in the FEI Endurance Regulations.
** All Endurance Officials must agree to the FEI Official Veterinarian Codex, obtain and carry the FEI Veterinarian ID card during Events.
*** Suitable qualification experience requires attendance at FEI Events mentoring/ under the supervision of an existing FEI Official Veterinarian, working at that Event as an Official Veterinarian, for at least 3 Events within the discipline for which they wish to be promoted.