Medical Information form for Eventing Armband


To ensure that vital information is available to first aid or medical personnel in case of emergency, article 523.1, Eventing Rules requires athletes to comply with the following:

a) Providing a valid contact information is mandatory for all Athletes. The telephone number of an accompanying person/next-of-kin must be provided to the Event secretariat upon arrival (OC and medical officer to ensure all information has been received before the Cross Country).

b) Declaration of medical condition Athletes with medical conditions that may be relevant in the case of a medical emergency are responsible, at every Event when riding, for wearing a medical data carrier* from a system provider able to communicate information at least in English. Alternatively (and at the minimum) a medical armband of good quality can be used. Athletes who chose to wear an armband should download and use the FEI’s Medical Information Form

* Medical data carrier (also called “medical identification tag”): small emblem or tag worn on a bracelet, neck chain, or on the clothing, intended to alert paramedics/physicians/first responders that the wearer has an important medical condition. Conditions that are relevant include recent head injury, serious past injuries/surgery, chronic health problems such as diabetes, long-term medications and allergies. If in doubt, the Athlete should discuss this with his own treating physician.