FEI Covid-19 Relief Fund

FEI Covid-19 Relief Fund

During the FEI Solidarity annual Committee meeting, which took place online on 31 August and 1 September 2020, the FEI President, who is also Chair of the FEI Solidarity Committee, presented the FEI Covid-19 Relief Fund to the Members. Consisting of a financial support plan that will make CHF 1,050,000 available to National Federations that have been seriously affected by the ongoing pandemic, the Committee fully endorsed the proposal, which was then presented to the FEI Board on 10 September, who unanimously approved the creation of the Fund - see Press Release here.

We have outlined below all the key elements from eligibility to application process, and should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact FEI Solidarity Director Jacqueline Braissant.

Who is eligible?

A total of 105 of the 137 National Federations have been identified as eligible for support from the Covid-19 Relief Fund, according to the following criteria:

  • NFs part of the FEI Solidarity Programme.
  • NFs from Level 3 (CHF 6’000.-) down to Level 7 (CHF 500.-) of the FEI Annual Subscription’s Index.
  • NFs with proven Equestrian activities.

The rationale for the criteria was very much based on active NFs in need, and also taking into account other financial measures which have been taken to support National Federations since the onset of the pandemic. This includes the reduction by 50% in annual subscription fees for National Federations, which for Levels 1 (CHF 20,000) and 2 (CHF 13,000) is far more substantial/beneficial financially.   

Click here for the complete list of eligible National Federations.

What will NFs receive?

Successful applicants will receive a one-off payment of CHF 10,000 to provide targeted financial assistance in order to boost grass roots equestrian activities at riding clubs and schools, particularly the care and upkeep of horses.

How to apply?  

The application process will be open from 1 October 2020 through to 1 March 2021. (Any remaining reserves from the Relief Fund will then be reallocated among the National Federations that applied.)

Each National Federation will be required to complete an application form and the FEI Solidarity Department will be responsible for evaluating each application.

National Federations will then be required to follow-up and report to FEI Solidarity on the use of the grant.