Case Study - Cambodia

An FEI Solidarity initiated and funded project in Cambodia aims to train a core group of local farriers and harness-makers so that they have the competencies to work with sports horses and train other service-providers in their communities.

Cambodia lacks sufficiently skilled farriers and harness-makers to support the participation of horses in equestrian events. The lack of sufficient knowledge is reflected in the poor condition of the feet of working ponies across the country.

Awareness-building activities among horse owners are an important part of this FEI Solidarity project, implemented by World Horse Welfare and the Cambodian Pony Welfare Organisation.

Training and awareness-raising are the start of a longer-term process that will create a culture of excellence in the handling of and service provision for horses.

Ultimately, the project will enable Cambodia to compete in international equestrian events on a regular basis in a successful and welfare-friendly manner.

Learning to nail on a shoe