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Clear identification of horses is essential, particularly when competing at an international level, to facilitate the movement across borders and to ensure that the relevant health requirements are satisfied.

The FEI passport and FEI-approved National passport (with a recognition card) are based on the specifications and requirements of the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) and are mandatory when competing in most FEI events. The FEI passport or recognition card serves as a record of the FEI events attended, medication controls and of vaccinations administered.To learn more about vaccinations, please click here.

In order to access an FEI event, the horse has to be positively identified from its passport, its vaccination status must be correct, the passport and the FEI validation sticker accurate and all other relevant details correctly entered into its passport. This includes the owner’s signature accepting the conditions of the passport when the horse is examined on arrival. Should the above information not be correctly entered, the horse may be prohibited to enter the event site.

In addition to the passport, horses are being increasingly microchipped. This is already compulsory in some countries (such as those belonging to the European Union). From January 2013, all horses newly registered with the FEI must be microchipped, with the intention that, in time, this will become compulsory for all horses competing at FEI events.

The European Commission introduced the Regulation (EC Number 504/2008) concerning the identification of equines, laying down the criteria of national identification documents (passports) for national passport issuing bodies. Such national passports are termed “EU compliant”.

Outside the EU, the approach to FEI passports and Recognition Cards remains the same. Nevertheless, it is important that all National Federations are aware of the existing situation in the EU and that guidance is provided to EU National Federations for the issue and use of FEI Passports and Recognition Cards.

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