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The South American Games organised by Organizacion Deportiva Sudamericana (ODESUR) and recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are the continent's multi-sports event.

These Games are the most important competition of the South American Sports Organisation (ODESUR). In order to participate, all athletes must be entered by their National Olympic Committee. There are 15 countries from South America, Central America and the Caribbean invited by ODESUR to participate in the South American Games.The Games are held every four years.

Introduction of Equestrian sport in the South American Games dates back to 1978, but it has been sporadic, some editions taking place with and some without. All Equestrian sports are conducted according to FEI Rules.

The last edition took place in Cochabamba (BOL) in 2018.

Host Cities
201811th South American Games, Cochabamba (BOL) 
201410th South American Games, Santiago (CHI)Jumping / Dressage
20109th South American Games, Medellin (COL)Jumping / Dressage
20068th South American Games, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
20027th South American Games, Brazil (Brazil)
19986th South American Games, Cuenca (Ecuador)
19945th South American Games, Valencia (Venezuela)
19904th South American Games, Lima (Peru)
19863rd South American Games, Santiago (Chile)
19822nd South American Games, Rosario (Argentina)
19781st South American Games, La Paz (Bolivia)


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