1994 The Hague (NED)

While reflecting on the tremendous success in the aftermath of the first World Equestrian Games in Stockholm, then FEI President, HRH Prince Philip warned that "three years is insufficient for any Federation to put together the very large and sophisticated organisation that is needed to manage such an event", words which proved to be very prophetic…

Indeed, the 1994 World Equestrian Games were, unfortunately, unable to sustain the momentum gathered during the first ever WEG. The second WEG, at The Hague in The Netherlands in 1994, was dogged by organisational and administrative chaos and ended in financial bankruptcy. Initially, the event was allocated in March 1991 to Paris but the French project fell apart and a few months later the second-placed bidders from Holland eagerly took on the task. Despite their enormous enthusiasm and Holland's excellent reputation for show management and sponsorship acquisition, the event was seriously marred by a number of issues including site management.

To date, the 1994 edition is mainly remembered for the financial disaster it turned out to be and the enormous organisational problems inherent throughout the preparation stages and the event. These circumstances were all the more regrettable as they overshadowed the sports performances which were very impressive. The sport in all its disciplines was of the highest level with many outstanding moments. The Games were generally followed by a large number of spectators; however, the numbers could have been even greater had the ticketing process worked properly.

A Total of 37 Countries participated in the 1994 World Equestrian Games.

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