1990 Stockholm

It was decided to designate Stockholm’s 1912 Olympic Stadium as the main arena for the 1990 WEG. It had, of course, undergone several reconstructions since 1912 and with the 1990 WEG in mind, the city authorities opted for a major renovation of the stadium. No equestrian competition of comparable magnitude involving all six FEI disciplines had been organised prior to 1990. Moreover, given that Stockholm had not organised equestrian events for a number of years, the Organising Committee made good use of the time leading up to the Games and held test events in one or two disciplines each year. This careful preparation certainly contributed to the great success of the Games.

From a sporting point of view, the 1990 WEG were a glorious success blessed with unbelievably fine weather. On the financial side, sponsorship income surpassed the goals and the ticketing revenue turned out to be very impressive as all the disciplines attracted numerous spectators. The successes of the 1990 WEG must also be attributed to the considerable involvement of the Swedish National Federation. The number of staff members working for the Games gradually increased and Ulf Rosengren, the Federation Secretary General, became the very successful Organising Committee Director. This involvement payed off, as there is little doubt that the Games had a tremendous influence on the development of equestrian sport in Sweden.

A Total of 37 countries participated in the 1990 World Equestrian Games.

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