Session 6: Endurance - Educating Officials and correct application of the rules

16 April 2019
16 April 2019 Author: fei

The second session, which focused on education and Officials, was opened by FEI Vice President Mark Samuel, who facilitates communication between the Endurance Temporary Committee and the FEI Board. He presented the 15 recommendations of the Officials Working Group and the additional proposals on these recommendations from the Endurance Temporary Committee.

“Please remember the spirit of collegiality here and that we’re all working towards a better future”, he commented. “There is an imperative for change here and we need to not ignore that and we need to work collectively and constructively for positive pragmatic solutions.”

Endurance Temporary Committee member Pieter Wiersinga addressed the topic of integrity and leadership by focusing on the Code of Conduct for FEI Officials and the correct and robust application of the rules. Proposals were centred around the appointment and rotation of officials, improved training, reinforcement of the role of the Independent Governance Advisors (IGA), stronger follow up system for Officials’ reporting to the FEI and tackling corruption.

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16 April 2019, 11:30 - 13:00
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“I wish you a lot of wisdom because Endurance has a positive future, provided the unacceptable behaviours of a few in the community are addressed and rectified”, Pieter Wiersinga said. “It’s sport practised in a fair way giving access to all, from beginners to the most experienced and talented athletes, and placing the emphasis on the partnership between an educated rider and a well-trained horse.”

FEI Director of Education and Officials, Frank Spadinger explained the principles of the FEI’s new proposed Endurance Education System, which is pending approval. These include the organisation of Officials’ education, career pathways and the criteria for transfer (up and down) and maintenance. The criteria for transfer and maintenance include theoretical and practical assessments and officiating experience.

FEI Endurance and Driving Director Manuel Bandeira de Mello spoke about the appointment of Officials, and the FEI’s support and supervision of these Officials. In future, and in line with existing rules, the appointment of Officials will be done by the FEI in consultation with the Endurance Technical Committee and the Organising Committee. Clear selection criteria based on integrity, competence and English language skills will allow for better officiating performance and a level playing field.

He also spoke about Officials’ reports, with plans for an enhanced reporting system aimed at improving accurate reporting based on a better follow-up system and confidence among Officials.  

FEI Legal Director Mikael Rentsch talked about existing sanctions in Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication cases, and also sanctions for horse abuse and under the new Hyposensitivity Control System. The possibility of extending a trainer’s suspension to include all of his/her horses was discussed, with the Legal Director emphasising that the principle of proportionality must be respected in all sanctions.

This session also generated strong debate, with discussions centred on the correct actions of Officials, enhanced stable security, improved measures to recruit young candidates as Officials, particularly veterinarians, and the ongoing and crucial role of Independent Governance Advisors.




Educating Officials and correct application of the rules


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Executive Summary Session 6 - Endurance - Educating Officials and correct application of the rules