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Critical measures/requirements for safe return to competition in mainland Europe post EHV-1 (pdf document)

FEI post-EHV-1 Return To Competition By-Laws (pdf document)

List of Countries (pdf document)

These three documents contain the contents published in the blocks above - published on 9 April 2021

EHV-1 Return to Competition Athlete Information Seminar:

Presentation by Göran Åkerström, Veterinary Director and Gaspard Dufour, Director Information and Sports Technology (pdf format) - published 09 April 2021

Watch the Athlete Information Seminar - published 09 April 2021 

List of Events in mainland Europe from 12 April to 30 May 2021 (you will be re-directed)
List of approved Laboratories for PCR sampling (pdf document) - updated 09 April 2021
Horse Arrival procedure (pdf document)
FEI Equine Health Self-Certification form (pdf document, fillable)
FEI HorseApp: Groom Self Registration - published 09 April 2021
FEI Check list for Vets Pre-Event (excel file to print in A4 format)
FEI Check list for Vets Pre-Event (excel file to print in A3 format)