Eventing Updates 2013 

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Please find below the Eventing Updates published in 2013

Transfer/Promotion for Eventing Officials - 28 October2013

Please kindly note that the deadline to submit the applications for transfer of Eventing Officials is November 1.
Details of the Trasnfer Process can be found in the Course Concept for Eventing Officials here and forms here.

Clarification regarding Yellow card and Article 523.3 Examination after a fall  (26.07.2013)
Further to questions received in regard to the implementation of the automatic issuing of Yellow cards to athletes having not presented themselves to the Chief Medical Officer after a fall, we wish to highlight the following:
The 2013 Eventing Rules state:
523.3 Examination After a Fall: All Athletes that have had a fall during training on the Competition site or in Competition must be examined by the Official Medical Officer before they either take part in another test, Competition or leave the venue. The Athlete is fully responsible for ensuring that this examination takes place.
Any Athlete who leaves the venue after a fall without submitting to the examination required under this Article will automatically be issued a Yellow Warning Card for incorrect behaviour, which will be delivered to his or her National Federation.
Please make sure that the procedure is explained to the Athletes at each event briefing, on where they or the horse will be checked by the Medical Chief Officer or Veterinary services if they have a fall.
In addition we would be grateful if you could please check with the Medical Chief Officer or Veterinary Delegate before the end of the event if any athlete has failed to present himself and inform the FEI Eventing Department as for any other incident or sanction within 2 days of the end of the event. As much as practical please try to ensure that the athlete is informed of any such sanction before leaving the event.
Eventing Update - 2 May 2013
Le Lion World Breeding Championship for Eventing
The nominated entry date for the CH-1* 6 year old horses has been modified to 23 September 2013.
The nominated entry date for the CH-2* 7 year old horses remains unchanged, 16 September 2013.
Updated and complete qualification details can be found here.
Eventing Update - 24 April 2013
Certificate of Capability - 2013 FEI Bakan Eventing Championships for Seniors
To find the Certificate of Capability for the 2013 FEI Balkan Eventing Championships taking place in Sighisoara (ROU) between the 24th and 26th of May 2013  please click here.
Eventing Update - 17 April 2013
Clarification to Rules for Eventing, Art. 524.3.2, Cross Country -Finishing Area
Further to several queries relating to the Veterinary examination at the Cross Country finishing area, mostly related to the short format competition, please find below the explanation of the article.
The Eventing Committee wishes to clarify the procedures for the veterinary examination at the Cross Country finish area. Doubtful cases need to be referred to the Ground Jury and Veterinary Delegate in case of evidence of possible abuse of horse that the veterinarian might observe after the finish of Cross Country. This would include for example, an exhausted horse &/or a horse with blood in the mouth or on flanks by  the misuse of spurs whilst a simple unsoundness would not be part of these cases.
It is clear, that, at any time during the Competition, the Ground Jury, in consultation with the Veterinary Delegate, has the right and the duty to eliminate any Horse which, in his opinion, is lame or unfit to continue.
In the short format competition, unsoundness after the finish of Cross Country test is not a sufficient reason for elimination. Any case of abuse of horse or dangerous riding or serious infringement according to the rules  will be sanctioned also after the finish of the Cross Country test.

Eventing Update - 25 March 2013

Information to all National Federations regarding use of toe stoppers

The FEI Eventing Committee has agreed to the use of Toe Stoppers tied to the usual stirrup for the cross country test of Eventing competitions at International Level.

The use of the above illustrated Toe Stopper is not permitted for the Dressage and Jumping tests at International Eventing competitions.

Eventing Update - 19 March 2013

Information to All National Federations regarding update of Athletes Categories

The FEI Bureau has approved the Eventing Committee’s proposal to update (fine-tune) the "athletes qualification and categorisation" -  Eventing Rules Article 519 & 520 - with immediate implementation.
The request to update this principle was motivated by issues identified in the practical implementation in the last 2 months, discussion with interested NFs and the Eventing Rider Association. The 2013 Eventing Rules were approved by the General Assembly with the request specifically from the GBR and NZL NF to update the rules should such issues be known.
The modification to the 2013 Eventing rules in regard to the Athletes Qualification is as follows:
  • Provide an optional criteria to define the categorisation of athletes giving the option of five (5) results at a higher level or fifteen (15) of results at the level as currently requested;
  • Change the matrix of Athletes not yet categorized at the level of the competition to allow all categorized Athletes to enter directly at the 2 star level according to their national requirements without the need of additional international qualifications – (it has become apparent that higher qualified horses, if ridden by categorized Athletes, should not need to re-qualify from the 1 star level as this could put unnecessary mileage on the horse);
  • Confirm also for 2014 and on the transitory criteria of 15 results at the level and not implement the original criteria of 20;
  • Change the definition of “National Athletes” to “Uncategorised International Athletes” (as it was felt by the Athletes that National Athletes was derogatory).     
For further information please click here or contact the eventing department.
Updated lists of athletes categorization per nation taking into account the new criteria are published in the Regulations/Eventing Menu.

Eventing Update - 23 January 2013

Certificate of Capability - 2013 Central American Games


To find the Eventing Certificate of Capability for the 2013 Central American Games taking place in Costa Rica from 6 to 16 March 2013 (Dates for Equestrian Disciplines) please click here.


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