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As part of the FEI’s out-of-competition testing programme a number of athletes (riders/vaulters/drivers) are required to submit accurate information on their whereabouts through WADA's-internet-based ADAMS system. This information is used to plan some of the FEI's out-of-competition tests. The athletes concerned are placed either in a Testing Pool (TP) or in a Registered Testing Pool (RTP). The whereabouts requirements imposed on RTP athletes are higher.

The FEI relies primarily on the Testing Pool system in order to obtain the whereabouts information needed for out of competition testing. Testing Pool athletes may however be moved to a RTP if despite reminders the contents and timeliness of their whereabouts information have proven insufficient for carrying out successful testing attempts. 

How Testing Works

Check the documents in the Library below to understand Doping Control as well as the athlete's rights & responsibilities.

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