National Federations 

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The FEI is based on the principle of equality and mutual respect between all 134 affiliated National Federations, without prejudice to race, religion or internal politics. We work alongside each of these National Federations, which are the sole authority (besides the FEI) for FEI equestrian disciplines in their respective country, to develop and promote the sport, ensuring the structures and rules in place foster fair and inclusive competition.
FEI Membership is open to the one national governing body from any country which is effectively in control of or is in a position to effectively control at least the Olympic equestrian disciplines, and is preferably recognised by its National Olympic Committee.

The NF Liaison Office is the primary point of contact for National Federations.

The NF Liaison Officer ensures that dialogue with NFs occurs as to their needs and requirements and identifies the scope and nature of challenges faced by NFs in order to best determine, on a bespoke basis, the approach that can be taken and the resources that can be allocated to any given project within the various FEI departments.

The NF Liaison Officer is Mrs Lucinda Arsenio, she can be contacted:

  • by email (click here)
  • by phone: +41 21 310 47 47
  • by fax:        +41 21 310 47 60

The FEI Liaison Office regularly issues a newsletter, “FEI Update”, which is available here.

Do you want to know more about the affiliation process, the 134 National Federations currently affiliated to the FEI and how they are distributed within nine FEI Regional Groups, please use the buttons below: