2021 Rules Revision

Dear National Federations members,

Dear Stakeholders,

We thank you for the proposals to the 2021 FEI Rules that you have submitted to the FEI.

We are pleased to provide you with the relevant Memos including the 1st Draft of proposed rules changes as per Phase III of the FEI Rules Revision Policy (full mark-up Rule books are only available upon request). 

Note that only the Jumping, Vaulting, Driving & Para Driving Rules are being fully reviewed in 2021 as per the Periodical Rules Revision Policy

As per the statutory deadline, you must be given at least 6 weeks to review the 1st Draft and to make comments and/or propose any changes in relation to the amendments referenced in the 1st Draft only. New rules proposals can only be accepted if linked directly to a proposed modification included in the 1st Draft. In 2021, you are given 7 weeks (until 30 August) to review this 1st Draft and make any comments to it.

For any question related to the 2020 Rules Revision Process, please click here.

We would appreciate any comments you may have on these proposed rule changes by 30 August 2021. Please send your comments to each particular set of FEI Rules to the relevant Person Responsible as mentioned in the below table and to the general email address rules@fei.org using each specific template provided below