Department Updates 

20 Jan 2017
Endurance - Send us your comments & ideas
Dear Friends,
We are happy to communicate with you through the “Endurance Updates” and share important information and news regarding this equestrian discipline. 
Should you wish to share your news, ideas and comments regarding Endurance, please do contact the FEI Endurance Department at the following e-mail address:
The members and contact details of the FEI Endurance Department can be found here .
We look forward to hearing from you!
19 Jan 2017
Eventing - 2017 Nations Cup Eventing Series - Calendar modification

The CICO3*NC, CCI1*, CCI1*U25, CIC2* Fontainebleau (FRA) 23-26 March 2017 has been cancelled, including the 1st leg of the 2017 Nations Cup.

The French Equestrian Federation has applied to transfer the French leg of the Series to Le Pin au Haras 10-13 August 2017. This modification of Nations Cup calendar is subject to the FEI Bureau approval and a decision will be published by the end of next week.

9 Jan 2017
EVENTING - 2016 World Eventing Athlete Rankings and Zone Rankings

Final FEI World Eventing Athlete Rankings 2016 - Final Rankings

  1. Michael Jung (GER)
  2. Phillip Dutton (USA)
  3. Christopher Burton (AUS)
  4. Andrew Nicholson (NZL)
  5. Boyd MArtin (USA)

The Eventing Zone Rankings have been updated and are available on the following webpage, click here.

2016 Leaders of the Eventing Zone Rankings:
North Western Europe: Michael Jung (GER)
South Western Europe: Maxime Livio (FRA)
Central and eastern Europe, Central Asia:  Yuri Shumskiy (RUS)
North America: Phillip Dutton(USA)
Central and South America: Carlos Parro (BRA)
Africa and Middle East: Heidi Caine (RSA)
South East Asia and Oceania: Christopher Burton (AUS)
Note: Eventing Zone Rankings are processed once a year and take into account results obtained between 1 January and 31 December 2016.
22 Dec 2016
Endurance - Season's Greetings
The whole FEI Endurance Department sends his best wishes to all his stakeholders and looks forward to the 2017 coming season!
You can enjoy the FEI  season’s greetings video  here  
16 Dec 2016
Endurance - Rules & Notes for Guidance 2017
We would like to inform you that the 2017 Endurance Rules and the Notes for Guidance are now available in our website.
You can also find them directly here below by clicking on the respective image.
14 Dec 2016
Endurance - Reminder Sustainability Handbook
We would like to remind you that sustainability is a key factor for equestrian sport and the environment should be considered when organizing a FEI Event. 
Please find useful information on FEI Sustainability and how you can create your own sustainability plan step by step here .  
9 Dec 2016
Endurance - Schedule 2017 & Guidelines

Please be informed that following the FEI General Assembly, the new 2017 Endurance schedule is now published online here 

We are also pleased to let you know that this year we have published the FEI Endurance Schedule Guidelines 2017, which you can find here  This helpful guide explains how the Schedule should be completed and reminds many useful articles of the Endurance rules.

7 Dec 2016
Eventing - 2017 FEI Nations Cup Eventing Series
Calendar of the 2017 Nations Cup Eventing Series:
1. FRA      CICO 3*  Fontainebleau          22-26 March 2017 
2. ITA       CICO 3*  Montelibretti           22-23 April 2017
3. POL      CICO 3*  Strzegom                17-21 May 2017
4. GBR      CICO 3*  Houghton Hall         25-28 May 2017 
5. IRL       CICO 3*  Tattersalls                31 May - 4 June 2017
6. AUT      CICO 3*  Wiener Neustadt     30 June - 2 July 2017
7. USA      CICO3*   The Plains               8-9 July 2017
8. GER      CICO 3*  Aachen                   19-23 July 2017
9. BEL       CICO 3*  Waregem                22-24 September 2017 
10.NED     CCIO 3*  Boekelo                  5-8 October 2017
Note: A minimum of three teams must compete at each Event of the Series in order to validate the competition as a Nations Cup.
More information is available on the following webpage, click here.
23 Nov 2016
Endurance - Appointment of new Technical Committee member
We are delighted to welcome Stéphane Chazel (FRA) in the FEI Endurance Committee, who was appointed for a four year term, following the decision taken by the FEI Bureau in Tokyo on 19 November 2016. Mr. Chazel is replacing the outgoing member Khalid Ahmed Hasan (BRN). The FEI thanks Mr. Hasan for his great collaboration during the past four years.
Coming from a family of breeders and riders of Endurance Arab horses, the new Committee member has always been passionate about this discipline.  
Mr. Chazel has participated in Endurance events all over the world (USA, Brazil, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, China, Europe, Malaysia etc.), as you can see here for the international competitions.
Involved for 20 years in this discipline, he contributed to its evolution and regulations within many organizations in France, such as CNREE, ACA, SHF and CREE. In addition, he organized FFE and FEI Endurance events during ten years, while the past five years he has contributed to the development of Endurance in China.  
We are looking forward to collaborating with Mr. Chazel and we believe that his long experience in Endurance will further promote the discipline.
14 Sep 2016
Endurance - 2016 World Championships participation

Please find here below the evolution for the 2016 following World Endurance Championships: