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7 Jul 2017
Driving - Statistics 2011-2016


Discover our presentation on Driving and Para-Driving statistics (2011-2016) and learn useful information on the history of the sport and its significant evolution.
You can find the presentation here.



19 Jun 2017
Endurance - FEI Endurance Championships
We would like to inform you that the two below mentioned FEI Endurance Championships have their schedules published and their entries opened.
Please click on each of them here below to find all the relevant details:
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6 Jun 2017
Driving - Updated Rules Young Horses Championships
We would like to inform you that the FEI Rules for World Driving Championships for Young Horses have been updated and are applicable as of now.
Please find them here.


1 Jun 2017
Latest Recommendations from Eventing Committee

Further to the Eventing Committee meeting and the Eventing Risk Management Steering Group, we would like to share with you the very strong recommendations to be implemented by your NFs for Eventing in regard to Risk management:

FRANGIBLE DEVICES: The use of FEI certified frangible devices releasing from horizontal force on all open rails, gates, oxers and oxer corners is strongly recommended for all national and international events. The list of approved devices can be found on the FEI website under Eventing / Risk Management. In addition, the development of new frangible technologies is encouraged at national level.

CROSS COUNTRY COURSE DESIGN GUIDELINES: As per the FEI Update sent 4 May 2017, this document has been updated and can be found on the website under Eventing / Rules. It is also available on the FEI RuleApp (available on Smartphones), regular updates will be made to the document.

VIDEO RECORDING ON CROSS COUNTRY: NFs are strongly encouraged to use video recording on XC and share video footage of all horse falls and near misses with the FEI. The collection and review of footage of horse falls will improve the understanding of the fall mechanism and help on the specific questions i.e. identifying equipment used by riders, learning from connection of falls with certain fences to be addressed as a priority.

MEDICAL MEASURES: It is strongly encouraged that medical suspension and return to play plan be implemented by NFs to allow a better follow-up of athletes having sustained a concussion or a serious injury. Concussion information for health care professionals can be found on our website under here .

In addition, officiating FEI Eventing Technical Delegates are reminded that they need to report back to the FEI on the Monday following the competition, all serious injuries and concussions to allow the FEI to notify the athlete’s and/or horse’s NFs and enable follow-up.

Therefore, the following sections of the TD report should be sent on Monday to allow an optimum follow up:   

-      Medical section E- Falls/Injuries – List of Athletes (including possible concussion)

-      Veterinary section F - Falls/Injuries – List of Horses

-      Disciplinary section  D-Sanctions, Warnings, Yellow Cards, Penalties and Fines.

FALLS REPORTS: Three additional fields have been added to the fall report in order to collect information on the use of lever bits, martingales and back (thigh) blocks in relation with falls. The updated fall report is published under Officials/Eventing/Forms and Downloads

Finally, please note that the implementation of the modified fence description form to include measurements for the leading edge is not yet available and will be finalized shortly.

31 May 2017
Para Equestrian Forum

More than 70 delegates from 24 countries gathered in Stow on the World for the second edition of the Para Equestrian Forum following the success met in Essen (GER) in 2015. The Forum, organised by the FEI and hosted by British Dressage, was held immediately after the two-day FEI Classifier meeting which united 18 classifiers from around the world, and was then followed by the FEI Para-Equestrian Committee Meeting.  Over the two-day Forum - led by the Para Equestrian Technical Committee - presentations, discussions and working groups covered the following topics:

  • Development of the sport (statistics and development pathways)
  • Competition formats and the use of music in team tests
  • Coaching
  • Classification
  • Facilities/arrangements for FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2018
  • Rio2016

There was also a demonstration of the new tests for Grades I to V with interactive feedback and scoring from the judges to each of the riders and delegates on site.

For more information/presentations, please click here.

30 May 2017
Endurance-FEI Endurance Forum presentations


We would like to inform you that the presentations of the FEI Endurance Forum are now available on the section “About the sessions-Full documentation” on our website
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29 May 2017
Endurance-Report 2016
The Endurance Report 2016 is now published in our website.
It includes key performance indicators and important statistics regarding the growth of the Endurance discipline. 
We hope you will enjoy reading it!
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1 May 2017
Driving - World Equestrian Games 2018 Driver Ranking

At its in-person meeting in FEI Headquarters after last month’s Sports Forum, the FEI Bureau approved the granting of financial support to eligible National Federations for the participation of Athletes in the Four-in-Hand Driving Event at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2018 in Tryon (USA).  

The conditions of eligibility for this funding are set out in one document which can be consulted here.

21 Apr 2017
Endurance-FEI Endurance Forum Registration Deadline


We kindly remind you that the registration for the FEI Endurance Forum, which will be held in 23 & 24 May in Vic, Barcelona, has opened. 
The deadline to register is 1 May and the deadline to pay the congress fee is 10 May.
Please register via the formulary that can be found under the button “Register now” in the FEI website: 
If you are a delegate from the NF (2 delegates allowed per NF) please tick the box “National Federation” in the registration formulary, otherwise tick the box “Observer”.
To book your hotel room please click under the same link on the button “Hotels” and download the respective formulary and send it to the hotel no later than 1 May.
A shuttle is provided for specific days, if you need one, please download the formulary from the section “Transport to Vic”, complete it and send it to the person mentioned in the formulary. 
We look forward to seeing you in Vic!
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13 Apr 2017
EVENTING - 2017 Nations Cup Eventing Series

Due to a lack of Team participation, the first leg of the 2017 Nations Cup Eventing Series to be organised in Montelibretti (ITA) on 21-23 April 2017 is  cancelled.

The Series will start on 18-21 May 2017 in Strzegom (POL). More information available on the following webpage: