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14 Aug 2015
Endurance - FEI World Championship for Young Rider & Juniors in Chile

With the Club de Polo as our stage, our Equestrian Endurance Chilean Association officially presented the World Endurance Championship (WEC) Young Riders Chile 2015, which will be held in Chile for the first time. Read More

10 Aug 2015
Endurance - Welcome to the "Endurance Updates"
Welcome to the first edition Endurance Update (EU)!
The goal of the EU is to improve communications within the FEI Endurance fraternity by discussing the issues that the discipline faces, explaining rule changes and the reason for such changes and answering questions from athletes and officials on matters relating to the conduct of the competition.
Any questions from any member of the Endurance fraternity are welcome and should be addressed to our sport’s director, Manuel Bandeira De Mello. Read More
Brian Sheahan 
FEI Endurance Technical Committee
Dear Friends,
It is my privilege to introduce you to “Endurance Updates”.
“Endurance Updates” existed already on the FEI website www.fei.org in the Endurance discipline page; it has now been restructured in order to serve as a “tool” for the Endurance family, including the Officials, Athletes, Trainers, Organisers, Owners and Endurance fans all around the world.
There will be regular updates informing, clarifying and explaining what is going on in Endurance at the FEI. This will include the decisions of the FEI Endurance Technical Committee, the subjects that may need extra clarification, and explaining the reasons for the decisions and the reasons for the clarifications.
The process for the Endurance Rules Revision has just started: it is our intention to inform you, as well as to clarify and to explain the reasons behind them and why we are proposing the changes.
As this will be a live “tool”, whenever the need arises there will be an update.
It’s our aim to serve the Endurance community the best way we can and provide you with a transparent service, so should you have any comments or feedback, please do contact the FEI Endurance Department at the following e-mail address: endurance.updates@fei.org.
With kind regards,
Manuel Bandeira de Mello
FEI Endurance Director







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