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29 Apr 2019
EVENTING - Clarification 2019 Eventing rules Art 549.2 – Run-out – Missing a flag

Further to the request of Athletes, Organisers and Officials, the Eventing Committee has agreed to the following clarification to ensure consistency of the application of the 2019 Eventing rules Art 549.2 – Run-out – Missing a flag as follows:

For reference: 2019 Eventing Rules Art 549.2      Run out - missing a flag :

a) Run-Out: A Horse is considered to have run out (20 penalties) if, having been presented at an element or obstacle on the course, it avoids it in such a way that the body of the Horse (head, neck, shoulders and pelvis – legs are not included) fail to pass between the extremities of the element or obstacle as originally flagged. Continuing on course without representing will incur elimination.

b) Missing a flag: A Horse is considered to have missed a flag (15 penalties) if the Horse jumps the dimension of the obstacle and the majority of the Horse’s body (as defined above) passes through the flags. This means that some part of the body is not inside the flags (e.g. one shoulder, or one shoulder and part of one hip).

c) The Horse will have successfully negotiated the fence, if the body of the Horse (as defined above) has passed the fence as originally flagged (i.e. the body but not all the legs are inside the flag is considered clear).”

The Eventing Committee has agreed that the following considerations must be taken into account when judging the run-out /flag situation on Cross Country:

1.    The Fence Judge is responsible for taking a decision as to a penalty to be awarded to the combination

2.    Knocking down a flag will not entail an automatic penalty

3.    The Ground Jury will only review any specific requests for clarification made by a Fence Judge or an Athlete after the penalty has been awarded

4.    Video reviews should be done immediately by the TD and/or GJ if there is a doubt, not left until after the XC so scores can be published and updated during competition

5.    When reviewing a video, it must be easy to decide if the horse is inside the flags, if it is necessary to review several times, the decision should be made in favour of the rider.

6.    As always if there is a doubt give the benefit of the doubt to the competitor.

7.    15 penalties on Cross Country will maintain the MER on Cross Country

18 Apr 2019
FEI Sportsforum 2019

Dear FEI Endurance community,

Please find below the recap of all the Endurance sessions held at the FEI Spors Forum in Lausanne on 15-16 April 2019.

Qualification of Horses and Athletes: reducing welfare risks

Educating Officials and correct application of the rules

Improvements and innovations to reshape Endurance

Open Q&A and wrap-up by FEI Secretary General

29 Mar 2019
Eventing Risk Management Programme - FEI approved Frangible Devices

The MIM 45° - 90° Corner kit has been added to the FEI register of products having met the standard for minimum strength of frangible/deformable cross country fences.
The FEI Registration number given is FEI08SWE.
The register of products is published on our website under the Eventing / Risk Management section

13 Mar 2019
Driving statistics

Dear Driving community,

The Driving department is happy to inform that a presentation on Driving Statistics is available here.
Through this presentation, you will learn useful information on the evolution of the discipline from 2012 to 2018.


27 Feb 2019
Para Driving : Drive with two hands
Dear Driving Judges,
Please note that starting from 2019, Para Drivers competing in able-bodied competitions are allowed to do one handed movements with two hands during the Dressage Test, when notified on the FEI Classification Master List following classification. The maximal points attributed to the figure shall be 4, if the figure is correctly executed.
Please find the FEI Classification Master List here (under Classification Master List of active Para-Equestrian Driving Athletes).  
Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Aude Barby at


25 Feb 2019
Art. 948 Starting Order - FEI Driving Rules 2019

Dear FEI Driving Community,

As you may know, the article “948.2.1 Starting order” of the FEI Driving Rules effective in 2019, was updated for the INDIVIDUALS. You can find an explicative presentation here (under "Driving starting order description") :

 The presentation was made with real past shows,and has to be read in conjunction with the master lists of participants:

1.            WEG 2014 Caen (FRA)
2.            CH-EU-A 4 2017 Göteborg (SWE)
3.            CAIO4* H4 2017 Aachen (GER)
4.            CAIO4* H2 2017 Pau (FRA)
We assumed that the second part of the draw art. 948.2.2 ( For Marathon) is clear and therefore this part is not explained on the attached presentation.

We hope this tool will be helpful and should you have any questions or need any further details, please contact us or

7 Feb 2019
4th International Endurance Conference

Dear Endurance community,

The 4th International Endurance Conference will be held in Boudheib during the HH Sh Sultan b Zayed Al Nahyan 13th International Endurance Festival on 13 February 2019, and will cover the "Relation between Horse and the Rider, the Humanitarian side".


Schedule :

Subject of the Conference
1. Relation Between the Ride and the Horse- the Humane Aspect
2. Subject of the Workshop :
• Positive and Negative Affect of Rides Schedule on
• Horse Trainers Assignments During the Season

Conference Programme
1. Mr. Aziz Shaikh Yassin International Jury -India
2. Mr. Christian Lozano International Jury -France
1. Dr. Jean Louis Leclerc International Vererinarian-France
2. Dr. Hallvard Sommerseth International Veterinarian-Sweden
3. Dr. Rouls H. Shaaban International Veterinarian -UAE
4. Dr. David John Mary Horse Races Researcher- UK
Conference Manager
1. Mohammad Ali Al Hadrami International Jury India

For more information, please click here



1 Feb 2019
2019 FEI Endurance Rules

Dear Endurance Community,

We remind you that the 2019 FEI Endurance Rules are being enforced from today.

The modifications include the "Severe Injury", as per Art. 815.3.7 of the FEI Endurance Rules:

"If a Horse ridden by an Athlete suffers a Severe Injury and/or a Catastrophic Injury within 12 months of a Severe Injury and/or a Catastrophic Injury occurring to any previous Horse ridden by that same Athlete that Athlete, will be automatically suspended for six months.
1. Catastrophic injury is defined as an injury which, in the opinion of the Veterinary Commission, requires immediate euthanasia or contributes to the death of a Horse in Competition howsoever caused.
2- Severe Injury is defined as:
I) A Musculoskeletal (fracture, serious tendon, ligament, or muscle) Injury or;
II) Metabolic Injury (serious colic, acute kidney injury, myopathy that fails to respond to treatment) or;
III) Other condition that, in the opinion of the Treating Veterinarian, Foreign Veterinary Delegate, and President of the Veterinary Commission, requires further assessment and continued appropriate veterinary care beyond the period of competition."

To correctly represent the reason for the Severe Injury in the FEI Endurance results, three results codes have been added:


These are in addition to all other codes that are already present in Annex 3 of the FEI Endurance Rules.
All FEI Endurance results submitted to the FEI in accordance with Art. 109.6 of the FEI General Regulations must use the accepted codes.
The various formats for result submission have been updated accordingly and you can find all relevant documentation on the FEI website here:

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Marc Chovelon at or Aude Barby at

23 Jan 2019
New Rules from 1 February 2019

Following the FEI Update of 21 December 2018 communicating the FEI Board’s unanimous approval of the modification to Article 815.3 of the Endurance Rules and given that no National Federation eligible to vote has expressed any disapproval within the 30 days’ statutory deadline, the new rule modification comes into effect as from 1 February 2019.
As background information, please be advised that, at present, the FEI Endurance Rules define a Catastrophic Injury as one requiring euthanasia. A sanction (80 Penalty Points) applies on the basis of the owner agreeing to the horse being euthanised and can be avoided if euthanasia is refused with obvious serious welfare consequences for the horse. The Endurance Temporary Committee has discussed this serious issue during their meeting of 12 December 2018 and proposed that, in addition to Catastrophic Injury, the same sanction would also apply when there is “Severe Injury” (as defined in Article 815.3.7 of the Endurance Rules) of the horse.
The Endurance rules are now updated accordingly and can be found here.  
For any clarification please contact

17 Jan 2019
Final FEI Endurance Rankings 2018

We are pleased to communicate the name of the winners of the FEI Endurance Rankings 2018.
(also available here:


FEI Endurance Open Riders World Ranking

RankFEI IDAthleteNFPoints
110054553AL MARRI, Abdulla GhanimUAE2239
110093059AL KITBI, Salem Hamad Saeed MalhoofUAE2239
310092314ALMAZROUEI, Saif Ahmed Mohammed AliUAE2153


FEI Endurance Open Combination World Ranking

RankFEI IDAthleteFEI IDHorseNFPoints


FEI Endurance Open Horse World Ranking

RankFEI IDHorsePoints


FEI Endurance Young Riders World Ranking

RankFEI IDAthleteNFPoints
110114231SANCHEZ, CamilaARG1904
210115927BERRIEL, PaulinaURU1732
310116756GALLI, ValentinaITA1283


FEI Endurance Young Riders Combination World Ranking

RankFEI IDAthleteFEI IDHorseNFPoints
110134390MAGAN, Carla104ZU00 SEMINOLE WIND FRA294


FEI Endurance Young Riders Horse World Ranking

RankFEI IDHorsePoints
1105PD21 FORTUNA X R 302