4th International Endurance Conference

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Dear Endurance community,

The 4th International Endurance Conference will be held in Boudheib during the HH Sh Sultan b Zayed Al Nahyan 13th International Endurance Festival on 13 February 2019, and will cover the "Relation between Horse and the Rider, the Humanitarian side".


Schedule :

Subject of the Conference
1. Relation Between the Ride and the Horse- the Humane Aspect
2. Subject of the Workshop :
• Positive and Negative Affect of Rides Schedule on
• Horse Trainers Assignments During the Season

Conference Programme
1. Mr. Aziz Shaikh Yassin International Jury -India
2. Mr. Christian Lozano International Jury -France
1. Dr. Jean Louis Leclerc International Vererinarian-France
2. Dr. Hallvard Sommerseth International Veterinarian-Sweden
3. Dr. Rouls H. Shaaban International Veterinarian -UAE
4. Dr. David John Mary Horse Races Researcher- UK
Conference Manager
1. Mohammad Ali Al Hadrami International Jury India

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