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Yvonne LOSOS DE MUÑIZ is a Dominican athlete and competes in Dressage.

FEI ID 10012462
Gender Female
Date of Birth 08/09/1967
Competing for Dominican Republic - DOM
Registration Dressage 2022
Last update 02/08/2022
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Dressage 70x70
General Interest
Nicknames Miss World (, 30 Jan 2021)
Hobbies Watching nature programmes on television. (, 05 Feb 2021)
Memorable sporting achievement Winning the CDI*** Grand Prix at the 2018 Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, FL, United States of America. (, 07 Feb 2018)
Injuries She underwent surgery to both of her shoulders in late 2021. (Instagram profile, 29 Jan 2022) She tore tendons in her right shoulder in May 2018. She returned to action six months later. (, 07 Feb 2019;, 06 Jan 2019)
Sporting philosophy / motto "I love the puzzle of dressage, pulling it apart and putting it back together." (, 10 Apr 2016)
Awards and honours She was named Athlete of the Year in the equestrian category at the Dominican Republic Olympic Committee Gala in 2019 and 2021. (, 05 Mar 2019; Instagram profile, 09 Nov 2021;, 07 Nov 2021) She was named Best International Dressage Rider for 2017 and 2021 by the Dominican Republic Equestrian Federation. (, 14 Dec 2017;, 04 Jan 2022) In 2020 she received the Gold Badge of Honour from the International Equestrian Federation [FEI]. (, 29 Oct 2020;, 03 Sep 2020) She was named one of the Best 10 Athletes of 2016 by the Dominican Republic Olympic Committee. (, 03 Apr 2017) She received the International Dressage Achievement Award in March 2015. (, 24 Mar 2015)
Other sports She has competed in equestrian jumping at an elite level. (, 31 Oct 2006)
Other information RESIDENCE She splits her time between Gijon, Spain, where she spends the northern hemisphere summer months, and Wellington, FL, United States of America, where she spends the winter months. (, 10 Dec 2021) OTHER ROLES She was the only candidate to run for the position of International Equestrian Federation [FEI] Dressage Athlete Representative for 2022-2026. "As a rider from a non-traditional dressage nation I am well aware of the frequent challenges that riders from similar countries face. At the same time, having taken part in so many events in Europe and North America through the years I am also very familiar with riders from traditional equestrian nations that are historically well-established and major players in our discipline." In 2020 she was elected as a board member of the International Dressage Riders Club [IDRC] on a four-year term. (, 10 May 2022, 09 Dec 2020;, 08 Feb 2021) WELL TRAVELLED Born in Nigeria to Canadian parents, she spent her childhood in Kenya before moving to Germany as a teenager to begin equestrian training. Her family subsequently relocated to Canada before she made the Dominican Republic her home after marrying Eduardo Muniz, and she began representing the country in 2002. She also holds a Canadian passport. "I do not have roots of a particular country, I am a mixture of all. I have a Canadian and a Dominican passport, but in the Dominican Republic I feel at home." (, 13 May 2020;, 21 Aug 2018;, 23 Apr 2018;, 01 May 2016;, 24 Mar 2015) RETIREMENT AND RETURN She quit dressage in October 2012 after she was unable to compete at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. She had taken her case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport [CAS], arguing that Brazilian rider Luiza Tavares [who took her place] did not have the right to compete at the event. Her appeal was denied and she declared she was quitting the sport because of the way she felt she had been treated during the process. She returned to international competition in September 2014, having been asked to reconsider her decision by the Dominican Republic Equestrian Federation. (, 21 Oct 2014, 24 Oct 2012)
Milestones She became the first athlete to represent the Dominican Republic in equestrian sport at the Olympic Games when she participated at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She was also the first equestrian athlete from the Dominican Republic to win a medal at the Pan American Games, claiming bronze on home soil at the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo. (SportsDeskOnline, 28 Nov 2018;, 11 Aug 2016; CRESO - Creando Suenos Olimpicos Facebook page, 24 Jul 2016)
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She learnt to ride at age five on her family's ranch while growing up in Kenya. She began focusing on dressage in 2010.
Why this sport? "My dream as a little girl was to be a jockey as I lived in Kenya with all those ex-racehorses. Unfortunately, by the age of 10 I was already taller than most jockeys. So I had to throw this dream out of the window. I always stayed on the horses anyway. Then I met my husband in the Dominican Republic. At that moment I started riding, but just for fun. So we jumped into dressage, super disciplined and riding full-time on Spanish horses. We did jumps, we did everything. The reason I love dressage is because it's not your typical sport that when you reach the age of 30 you're done. You need the experience, the mileage, to do this sport well."
Training Regime She rides six horses a day, six days a week.
Further Personal Information
Family Husband Eduardo, son Toshimi, daughter Sylvia
Occupation Athlete, Coach
Languages English, German, Spanish, Swahili